Heavy Equipment Repair and Modification

We perform heavy equipment repair. Equipment sure makes life easier, but sometimes heavy equipment breaks – we’ve seen all different shapes, sizes, and colors of broken assemblies over the years – and we’ve fixed a bunch of it. Need heavy equipment repair and modification? Contact Us. Some work samples: Water Truck Tank:   Custom Dump […]

Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabricators - Custom Fabricators at SLOFAB | Custom Metal Fabrication

We are metal fabricators that specialize in custom solutions – from pipe work to custom boat accessories to truck-mounted water tanks, we are your fabrication solution. Serving the Central Coast and beyond. You can view some of our work HERE.

Welding Inspection

Welding Inspection - SLOFAB | Custom Metal Fabrication

SLOFAB provides welding inspection services certified by the American Welding Society┬«. Certain projects require the expertise and trained eye of a Certified Welding Inspector. SLOFAB can provide you with this service. Why choose an American Welding Society┬« Certified Welding Inspector? Expertise recognized by the worldwide authority in science, technology, and application of welding and allied […]

Machining Services

Machining involves various processes that remove material from a raw workpiece in order to achieve a final desired shape and size. SLOFAB is, among other things, a machining service capable of a variety of machining operations such as turning, drilling, and milling. 

Repair & Retrofit of Wine Making Tanks

Is your wine tank leaking? Does your wine tank lack some essential features, but you need modifications done by a custom metal fabricator? Look no further: SLOFAB has experience repairing and retrofitting wine making tanks.