Pipe Bridge

Pictured is an 80-foot long, inverted-truss, water supply line creek crossing, with cat walk. This pipe bridge was fabricated for an avocado farm in Morro Bay, California. Warren still had hair, so this is a long time ago!

Pipe Fabrication

Pipe Fabricators - SLOFAB | Custom Metal Fabrication

When that off-the-shelf pipe fitting just won’t work, you need SLOFAB as your pipe fabricators. Custom metal fabrication for the Central Coast. Also check out this custom piping we made: 8-inch Irrigation Line and this Pipe Bridge.

Water Truck Tank – Custom Metal Work Experience

Custom Metal Work - SLOFAB | Custom Metal Fabrication

We are experts at custom metal work. Check out this Water Truck Tank, a fine example of our experience. Custom water tank with quick-release mounts for exchanging with dump bed. Dump bed change out in 30 minutes. Hydraulic pump drive with internal tank cooling.